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Jun 2 - Jun 13, 2021

Yanqing Pei

Weed, 2019

Oil on canvas

22 x 16 in. (56 x 40.7 cm.)

SHIN HAUS is pleased to present the works of Ani Liu, Shuyi Cao, and Yanqing Pei for its June installment. These three New York-based artists work across multiple media to express the complexities of communication, emotion, and our relationship to our environment in an effort to better decrypt the essence of human existence.

Shuyi Cao is an interdisciplinary artist whose work draws influence from natural history, biological science and technology. Her practice consists of a series of ongoing experiments and alchemical approaches to object-making and knowledge production. The Egg-Born, Change-Born, Moisture-Born III series theorizes human existence from the perspective of non-human entities. With shapes that evoke preconscious memories of primordial microscopic organisms, these works bridge the known world with the unknown, the natural with the artificial. Though inorganic and idiosyncratic in form, Cao’s hand-blown glass sculptures exude a sense of familiarity, perhaps recognized from past incarnations of the very biological matter that makes us who we are. 

Ani Liu is a research-based artist who utilizes her craft to examine how technology reciprocally influences human subjectivity, culture and identity. Her projects seek to understand human narratives of emotional expression through careful scientific questioning and thoughtful experimentation, working in a range of media such as sculpture, laboratory work, biometric sensing, perfumery, robotics, projection and cell culturing. Mind in the Machine: Psyche in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction is a work created using a knitting software that translates the EEG signals of a Chinese factory worker into a machine-woven textile. The tension of each stitch reflects different emotional states of the worker throughout a working day. With this piece, Liu critically reflects on the erasure of individuality within the capitalist structure of mass production. A one-of-a-kind piece that reattaches the worker’s cognitive emotional landscape back into a product of anonymous labor, Mind in the Machine challenges the Benjaminian theory that art made through mechanical automation lacks an aura or authenticity. 

Yanqing Pei is a painter and recent graduate from Pratt Institute’s MFA Program in Painting and Drawing. Her work focuses on the intimacy and integration between human beings and their surroundings with a focus on nature. Prior to arriving in New York, Pei was trained in Chinese Traditional Painting at the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. Her paintings depict the symbiotic relationships between humans and the environment. In some works, limbs are entangled with flora. The outline of a figure turns into a ridge line, or extends to grow into the shape of a horse. Also present in her paintings are abstract landscapes carved into being with Chinese ideograms; with each brushstroke Pei crafts a poetic conversation between the characters and the negative space. Pei’s pictorial vision is a chaotic yet harmonious representation of human communication, both with each other and with the world around us.