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The Bored and The Restless

May 15 - Jun 21, 2020

Andreas Emenius

Andreas Emenius
SHIN GALLERY is pleased to present a solo exhibition of a new body of work by Andreas Emenius. A cross-disciplinary and experimental artist, Emenius intertwines the mundane realities of every day with classical and elusive forms through painting. The exhibition examines contradictions of perceptive ambiguity or defined nuance, indicative of the artist’s intention to interpret the world as it is observed and how it is perceived. The goal – to find balance in both the everyday and the otherworldly. The gallery will hold a virtual opening reception for the artist on Friday, May 15th at 5 PM.

The exhibition’s theme is centered around traditional elements - statuesque figures, romantic landscapes, and classical portraiture. The capacious space evokes a sense of stillness and relaxation, yet while the poised “Sunbather” and “High Society Girl” lazily lie around, there is an unknown disaster ready to strike. Prior to the calamitous series of events, a pre-apocalyptic society reined free, unclear of the catastrophic future.

From the ordinary passersby to a ubiquitous landmark, Emenius reflects upon intimate moments and subjects in daily life. Mental images of both instants and anonymous individuals are absorbed by the artist and later reimagined onto canvas. In the exhibition, painting is reinforced as the dominant medium in Emenius’s approach. It is the starting and branching off point in which installation, sculpture, performance, and video are formulated. Similar to the ancient Greek classicist painters of legends and traditions, Emenius reinterprets classical painting with contemporary figures, whilst adding familiar pop culture references like names of fashion brands.

Whether beach bathers or people gathered in the streets, Emenius incessantly emulates two crucial elements – physical movement and vitality. Infatuated with faces and body language, Emenius senses people’s actions, movements, and moments. Ordinary daily routines, like waiting for the subway, are meaningful and small instants performed by others. The intimate and fleeting occurrences resonate with how the artist views bodies in everyday life; fragmented.

A central concept for the artist focuses on gesamtkunstwerk – where a work of art blends together to make a whole. In Emenius’s work, there is a constant push and pull of solidarity and disappearing into the unknown. The objective is to find a balance between both the present and the in-between. Within the work’s elusiveness there is also soul and presence defined in the composition. His intuition with color and line creates a framework for the subject matter in order to ‘make it work’. There is fluidness and intensity, urgency and clarity. The ambiguity in the work expands the viewers’ sense of reality, inviting one to come back for more.

Andreas Emenius (b. 1973) grew up in Farsta, Stockholm. He has exhibited in solo exhibitions including, “When the Unknown Becomes Familiar”, Nikolaj Kunsthal, 2019; “Sticky minds, sticky moves”, Viborg Kunsthal, 2017; “New End”, New End Schunck Museum, Herleen, The Netherlands, 2013. Emenius has exhibited in group shows including, “Failed Paintings”, Moderna Museet, Malmö, 2016; “ARRRGH!”, Schunck Museum, Holland, 2013; “In case we don’t die”, The Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, 2014; and “Utopian Bodies”, Liljevalchs, Stockholm, 2016. Emenius exhibited in the biennale “Design, not design (co-directed Seung H-Sang & Ai Weiwei)”, Gwangju Biennale, South Korea, 2011. He has collaborated with artists, including Danish musician Trentemøller, for whom he directed several acclaimed music videos and stage designs, Grammy award winner Jenny Wilson, among others. Together with fashion designer Henrik Vibskov, he also created acclaimed art projects ‘The Fringe Projects’ and ‘The Circular Series’ (VibskovEmenius).

For press inquires, contact Stavroula Coulianidis: stavroula@shin-gallery.com