Watch the Butterfly Falling
Apr 24 - Jun 27, 2014

Blitzkrieg, 2013
Acrylic on Resin on Aluminum
70.8 x 144 In, 180 x 366 cm

Based on specific incidents and situations in reality my work portrays mental landscapes on the crossroad between the conscious and the unconscious like in memories or in dreams. I primarily rely on feelings and thoughts that occur in the process of living my day-to-day life by trying to awake my senses that have been dulled by everyday mundane routines. I also freely move beyond the lines of reality and the world of the surreal, giving diverse artistic imaginations to realistic subject matter. I discover and renew my understanding of 'myself' by collecting, modifying and presenting differently perceived narratives, going beyond the lines of myself and others. The objects to which my imagination brings life present an expanded alternative, moving beyond boundaries of two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces.