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Keunmin Lee

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Keunmin Lee is a brilliant draftsperson. His distinguished talent was almost overshadowed by illness when he was diagnosed many years ago as having borderline personality disorder. For some time, Keunmin thought of himself as defined by this condition, being led to this conclusion by his physicians. But as he has grown in his practice he has learned to see his condition as a creative power, and the hallucinations as sources of creative material. By making this change in perspective, he refuses the label of “pathological,” and instead harnesses his visions as resources for inspired action.

Keunmin’s figures range in their distinctive deformities, but still preserve a dignified charisma that suggests their misshapenness is a fault purely perceived by our self-conscious estimation, an act of “othering” our own self-identified flaws. However, in recognizing these mirror imperfections, there is compassion and hope to be found. Keunmin strips the clean veneer of composure and exposes our mutual vulnerabilities and insecurities in his coarse renderings, not out of spite or for shaming, but in an earnest attempt to forge reconciliation between others and within ourselves.

Keunmin Lee, (b. 1982) is based in Seoul, Korea. He received his B.F.A. from Seoul National University. He has had solo and group exhibitions since 2003 in Seoul and exhibited in the U.S for the first time at Shin Gallery in 2014. In Seoul, Lee exhibited his work and select drawings in Eve Gallery and Hyun Gallery in 2010, in Damn Gallery in 2011, again in 2013, and In the group exhibition "All the Windows to the World" at the Blume Museum of Contemporary Art in Paju, Korea in 2015.